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Dec 3, 2013 12:00am EST
so they left their daughter and son-in-law to pack up all their belongings. it took seven or eight days. so we went back to our little house in virginia. dad has just become president of the united states. and we're eating dinner around the table. mom was cooking dinner and she looks at my dad and she goes jerry, something is wrong here. you just became president of the united states and i'm still cooking. that was our reality for the next setch or eight days before we moved into the white house. >> but when they transitioned to the white house, it was that basic american normal family that really got so much coverage. i remember and you probably do news reports of the president toasting his own -- >> the fact is mrs. ford was never a morning person. i suspect he had been toasting his own english muffins for many years. the idea was even more than that. edwin remembers those famous pictures of richard nixon at the helicopter. what they don't know is what president ford, soon to be president ford said to his wife on the way back into the white house because he realized his job was t
Dec 10, 2013 12:00am EST
mother-in- law, all involved in making it a family affair. >> up until this point people wouldn't figure out you have to get outside of washington. one of my favorite stories from mrs. carter, she and a friend would go around and spend 75 days in florida, and they would go in a small town and look for an antenna because they figured it was a radio station, and they would say, would you like to interview us? a would ring questions they want to ask. it was a low-budget campaign, but in that year with finance laws of that kind that was the way to do it. >> i think it is a different way of campaigning than we see now staying with areas people in the small towns a visited. >> they will do that in iowa and new hampshire, but after that it gets hard to do. tell me a little bit about learning the mechanics of political science. they had only a little experience. when you read a biography, their systematic approach to learning mechanics is interesting. what i am thinking about is they wouldn't tell them to the same audiences. she took memory classes so they would be able to remember faces and nam
Dec 2, 2013 9:00pm EST
recipients of federal law enforcement grants and training facilities do not engage in racial profiling. simply put, mr. speaker, the universal respect act will end the practice of rewarding law enforcement programs that do not respect basic civil rights and civil liberties. we need to stay vigilant in our fight for respect in this country and that has been one of our themes. whether it's on the budget as our colleague, mr. scott, just talked about, or a plethora of bills that have been brought forward by individual members. an essential to the f.y. 2014 budget that has been worked on by the congressional black caucus, which reduces the budget and creates millions of jobs in a fair and balanced way. let me just close by talking about one final area, mr. speaker, that we as members of this body need to stay focused on and that's jobs and growing the economy. in my home state of nevada, we still have a stubbornly high unemployment rate above the national average. despite improvements in certain sectors, there's far too many nevadans who are still looking for work. many who have
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)